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Perhaps you’re a full-time teacher looking to supplement your income, or a university student looking for a way to help finance your studies. Or maybe you’re a musician wanting to teach in your spare time, a parent in need of flexible working hours, or a linguist hoping to put your skills to good use.(In home tutoring near me) Whatever your background, private tuition is a flexible, rewarding and well-paid profession. (In home tutoring
service near me) This book will open your eyes to the possibilities and pitfalls of tutoring, and provide you with the knowledge and tools you’ll need to become successful. To keep it simple, this guide is divided into two parts. In home tutoring service near me

Part 1 (‘Getting Started’) gives detailed information on the practicalities of becoming a tutor: who can tutor, how to promote yourself, staying safe and dealing with the tax man.

Part 2(‘Effective Teaching’) draws on the latest research to give in-depth guidance on what it means to be an
effective tutor.

Both sections include a variety of useful templates which you can print out for your own use. Don’t forget that if you’re looking for information on a particular topic, you can check the contents page (p.3) to find it. Finally, don’t expect to take in everything at once! We recommend that you print out this guide and use it for future reference. We believe that you’re looking at the most straightforward and comprehensive guide to tutoring in the UK.


Myth No.1:I need to register with a tuition agency like Tutorwale.com,

www.HomeTutorwale.com, You do not have to register with a tuition agency to tutor privately, though it can be a good idea. The job of an agency is to find you
students without you having to market yourself. Some will also provide support (for example, in the form of training or teaching materials), and there is a certain kudos to agency work which can be useful for your CV. In addition, agencies take on the responsibility of making financial arrangements with parents or students, and ( home tutoring
service )
normally carry out CRB checks for their tutors.

Myth No.2: Having said this, agencies have their own rules and expectations. Importantly, they will set the fee for your services, and will take a commission for every hour that you teach. Over the long term, you may feel that a direct arrangement with a family or student is more satisfactory. The alternative to working for an agency is to work as an independent private tutor (see left). This is the method of choice for many successful and experienced tutors. (Home Tutoring Service near me)

Myth No.3: I need a ‘CRB certificate’ to tutor children There is no legal requirement to obtain a CRB certificate in order to tutor children privately. The so-called ‘enhanced CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) disclosure certificate’ is an official document which proves that there is no known reason why an individual may not work with children or vulnerable adults. By law, before an organisation employs someone to work with children, they have to carry out a CRB check to make sure that person is suitable. It is not a legal requirement if you are a selfemployed tutor – although it is, of course, still a serious criminal offence to work or seek to work as a tutor while barred from working with children. There is a common misconception that self employed private tutors are not able to obtain a CRB certificate should they wish to apply for one. This is not the case. Umbrella organisations (such as
completelycrb.co.uk) are able to process CRB applications on behalf of self-employed tutors, though costs are likely  be around £100. Despite the initial outlay, some tutors feel that the certificate is a useful way of reassuring parents that they are safe to work with children.

Myth No.4: I need qualifications and experience to be a good tutor As far as myth-busting goes, this is probably the
greatest educational myth ever. After all, who would think that qualifications and experience aren’t important?
Yet the evidence suggests that this assumption is wrong. In the largest ever study commissioned by the UK government on teacher effectiveness1, the authors concluded that, In other words, qualifications and experience are not as important as skills and professional characteristics. It’s an extraordinary revelation.
While this finding may be of concern to parents and students, it is very encouraging for tutors, whether wellqualified
and experienced or not. It means the sky’s the limit, and that our own background needn’t stop us
becoming exceptional teachers.

In that case, what DO I need?
So far, we’ve seen that joining an agency, having a CRB check and possessing extensive qualifications or experience
are not essential for becoming a private tutor.
The rest of this book is devoted to providing you with the information you do need to tutor successfully.
In the rest of Part 1, you’ll find detailed information on:
 how to promote yourself
 how to deal with enquiries
 how to stay safe
 how to deal with the tax office
and in Part 2 (p.27) you’ll find a comprehensive guide to:
 how to be an effective teacher

Finally, if you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact The Tutor Pages



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